Saturday, 10 March 2012

FRED EMNEY - Birkenshaw

Fred Emney (born 12th February, 1900 - died 25th December, 1980) was an English character actor and comedian.
Born in Lancashire to a music hall father - Fred Emney (1865-1917; his uncle was the actor Arthur Williams) - Emney junior grew up in London.
He made his film debut in 1935, having previously worked in music hall. He became a familiar figure to screen audiences, usually playing the "posh fat bloke", usually gruff and invariably wearing a monocle. During the 1950s, he had his own television show which featured sketches and deft piano pieces often composed by him. Some were released on record. He had a short spell as straight man to puppets Pinky and Perky.
He died in Bognor Regis, Sussex on Christmas Day 1980.

My Fred Emney autograph display.

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