Saturday, 10 March 2012

RENATO ROMANO - Franchesca Cosca

Renato Romano, (born February 20th, 1940 in Ischia, Italy) was an Italian actor, but now a skilled businessman and accomplished entrepreneur.
In his early years he was a professional football player with Naples and then Roma, but he was forced to abandon his sport due to a knee injury.
He became interested in acting, becoming one of the youngest and most promising students of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Alongside his theatrical activity, which was also very intense in the years that followed, he joined the cinema and television in the sixties and seventies, becoming one of the most loved and sought after characters of the period. He has participated in over 40 films, mostly Italian, almost always in supporting roles. He appeared in 'A Minute to Pray, a Second To Die' (1967), 'La Morte Ha Fatto l'Uovo' (1968), 'The Italian Job' (1969), 'The Bird with the Crystal Plumage' (1970), 'Restless' (1970), 'Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray' (1970), 'The Last Rebel' (1971), 'Giornata nera per l'ariete' (1971), 'Seven Blood-Stained Orchids' (1972), 'Il Caso Mattei' (1972), 'Frankenstein 80' (1972), 'Punto e Capo' (1973) and 'The Holy Year' (1976).
In addition to being an actor, he was also a skilled writer. Among his many interpretations are worth mentioning those in: 'The Battle of El Alamein' (1969), by Giorgio Ferroni, 'The Bird with the Crystal Plumage' (1970) by Dario Argento, 'Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (1972) by Umberto Lenzi and 'Blue Nude' (1977), by Luigi Scattini.
At the beginning of the eighties he moved to Beverly Hills, where he still resides with his wife Alice and the three children. In 2004, he established the European Business Council (EBC), Los Angeles, to promote trade between Southern California (in particular) and member and aspiring member nations of the European Union. WIth the City of Beverly Hills, the council presented Green Days in Beverly Hills in 2007, an Environmental Expo and Sustainability Conference.
I am still trying to obtain an autograph.

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